The future has become as muddled for them as it has for me. The lines of vision are narrowing.
Everything focuses here where we are, where they've dared not interfere before, because to interfere was to lose what they must have. But now they're desperate.
All paths lead into darkness.
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I would love to see a full body shot of this picture!!!

**Alright, I’m giving up for tonight. I got a good portion of my translation done, got all of my project goals accomplished, but now my skin is driving me crazy and I’m already exhausted. Until tomorrow, where my week from hell reaches its hump day.

johnwatson-mdofsass says: 'That sounds so wonderful. More than the cook's sweets!' John's face gave his mute words and expressive exclaim. Bouncing just lightly on the table.

"Kissing is one of the favorite things to do among people," he said with a chuckle. "It tends to be very enjoyable when warranted."

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The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity, and the ways our differences combine to create meaning and beauty.

Star Trek, the original series; “Is There In Truth No Beauty?”  (via vulcandroid)

A gorgeous quote, so representative of the core values of Star Trek, of finding beauty in diverse things and of loving the differences.♥♥♥

Core values which are beautiful and which are the complete opposite of what the haters that pollute the fandom nowadays represent. (The ones who want things to be exactly the way they want and who bash anything and anyone who is slightly different from it. Those poeple who are constantly trying to destroy Star Trek through their hatred for the reboot, and who bully creators as well as fans who enjoy anything they disapprove of. They are so far away from what Star Trek represents that they no longer can even see it.)

That quote is so beautiful and in such contrast with the hate in some parts of the fandom lately, that I couldn’t help think about that epic difference.

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johnwatson-mdofsass says: 'But I always light up.' The star laughed as his fingers signed. 'I want that kind of kiss then.' The star nodded, lips pursed in thought. Feeling a weird pit in his stomach at the thought of Khan having that type of kiss. But he pushed it away, having learned to control his possessive tendencies younger. No more biting and clinging to the larger man.

"It’s more of a feeling than a function," he said with a shrug. "People don’t actually light up like you do. But they feel like it. That’s what good kisses do. That’s what loves do. It makes us feel more alive than we actually are, more permanent than we actually are."

johnwatson-mdofsass says: "… Why are your hands down your pants?"

"I think the appropriate answer would be, ‘to demonstrate where I wanted yours to be’."

johnwatson-mdofsass says: ☠ Because you're a tiger shark. That's hella intimidating. But then, I am a Lion.... It kind of even's out

**Not that intimidating, I assure. We can be quite calm at times.

'nOT I' said the bonD

"Of course not, Bond. Only middle-aged, graying women can scare you."

Anonymous says: Favorite blog so glad I followed you

**I’m gad you’re here! And that you’re enjoying yourself.

Anonymous says: ☠ Let's be serious: Who isn't intimated by Khan?

"As well you should be."

devileyedetective says: "You said we could get a puppy. I just got a tiger instead."

"You do realize that this is nothing new."

jimandsherly says: (coughing up blood) Sherlock stares in disbelief at the blood on the back of Khan's hand and on his lips. "This is not... you can't honestly be sick."

"Occam’s Razor, Mr. Holmes," he replied, wiping to blood away from his mouth with the edge of his hand. 

im-a-doctor-not-an-escalator says: "You’re like a freaking Taylor Swift song."

"I actually genuinely find that insulting."

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