The future has become as muddled for them as it has for me. The lines of vision are narrowing.
Everything focuses here where we are, where they've dared not interfere before, because to interfere was to lose what they must have. But now they're desperate.
All paths lead into darkness.
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**Moral of the story: never fuck with Kae’s car or her finances. If you value your continued existence, keep this in mind.

**Alright, I believe I’ve tracked down the replies I owe. I may not get to working on them until I finish my coursework for this week, but I will do my best to get at least a few out every day. For now, I need to sleep. I’ll consider opening for starters after I get back on track.

**Okay, I’m finally back. This weekend was a mess - not in the least because I discovered that my car has a prolific coolant leak.

To my diagnosis, though, it’s because the main radiator hose clamp has failed again - it has a history of not taking to weather well, and I think the first frost did it in. Which means I drove four hundred miles with no coolant going into my engine because my entire reservoir drained out over my driveway the night before I left. No shortage of dangerous, but my car is amazingly efficient for being an old bat (much like myself in that way), and functioned for three hundred of those four hundred miles before it even started to register overheating. I’m going to have another reservoir sized puddle of coolant on my driveway tomorrow morning, but the car is only going about five miles to school and then to the shop to get fixed.

Anyway. Long story short - I’m just glad to be here because if I weren’t very lucky, I would likely have broken down on a mountain pass with no cell reception. So being back in my own bed with internet and lovely people is mending all the foofaraw that was this weekend.

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**PS: I am not dead. I’m just visiting family. Will be home tomorrow and will check in and be back to normal then.

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"Yeah… that kind of is a consolation. It gets overwhelming sometimes." she admitted. "Being around you is, emotionally, like how my telepathy is. Muted and dull. I’m Counselor Rou Bennet by the way. Nice to met you…"


"Commander Harrison. Which is a name that will probably explain to you why my mind isn’t like the others you will encounter on this ship," he said dryly, watching her carefully for her response. He’d come across almost the entire spectrum since being issued his parole, but what hers would be he wasn’t sure.

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"Don’t worry about it Khan," She chuckled and sat next to him now. She nudged into him and leaned back. "Have you bought the things you need for the baby? We can go shopping later for him if you like."

Rolling his head back and trying to quantify the validity of the question a part of him paled at the realization he really hadn’t prepared for this at all. “I actually haven’t,” he said, scratching at his jaw. “I imagine most of it you can make with a replicator now.”

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"Nothing. Out of the two of us, I’m ordinary."


"You picked me out of a crowd of almost a thousand, harangued me until I cracked, and you want me to believe you’re ordinary?"

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"Just.." He sighed, shaking his head. "Taxi. Taxi works just fine. No stealing, ok?"

"Yes, yes, alright Robin Hood. No need to fret over the poor and the rich today," he said, patting the archer on the shoulder gently.

**Moral of tonight’s story: don’t ever let me have an idea. Ever. Ni knows what I’m talking about.

skullandridingcrop says: ♒

"Sherlock, I’m sorry. Something has… developed. I’m afraid I have to leave the country. Not sure for how long, just. Carry on with your work, and remember. Remember when you knew me."

kingofmycxstle says: ★

"Oh you dare me? Is that so?” He chuckled, raising a brow at the other man and wondering just how much it would say about him to accept the challenge. “I don’t think you know what you’re getting into.”

johnwatsonmdofsass says: a ★

"Are you going to do something," he said, settling his hands on his hips, loving the feel of his ornate jacket’s fabric beneath his fingers, as he waited for John’s reaction, "or are you just going to stare at me like you want to fuck my brains out?"

chemicalxaffinity says: [star meme!]

"You do realize that you can come in without me specifically escorting you to the living room, don’t you?" he asked teasingly, beckoning her in from the kitchen with a wave of his hand. "Come along. You know I don’t mind when you’re in close."

ruskiassassin says: ★

"Listen to me very carefully, now. Your life is in the balance if you don’t, so I would recommend paying attention," he growled, looming over the young man with a baleful gleam in his eye. "And if you aren’t quiet, I will make you be quiet. Are we clear?”