The future has become as muddled for them as it has for me. The lines of vision are narrowing.
Everything focuses here where we are, where they've dared not interfere before, because to interfere was to lose what they must have. But now they're desperate.
All paths lead into darkness.
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Simon Pegg and Amanda Abbington are having Cumberbatch dirty sex talk, please never stop.

Such sods


If this kind of joke keeps up I’m going to end up shipping super!dominant mirror!Scotty with mirror!Khan. 8D


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mr. president

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travelersinthedark says: *slides on in for some Twink Professor Khan and Art Student Steve AU*



"Well, Mr. Rodgers, it appears like it’s just you and I this semester. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough people registered, so the office has transferred your credits to an Independent Study. It will still cover the major requirements you needed from the other class, but. I suppose you and I are the only ones interested in World Architectures this term."


"I have yet to go somewhere that isn’t your flat where I’m not carded. The number of people who think that my ID is faked is just ludicrous."

"Well that’s why we drink at my place so much. Plus we can actually get some work done there - dragging my tomes of architecture photographs across a room is much easier than dragging them to a pub."

travelersinthedark says: "And what about our parents?" [heeeey arranged marriage AUs~]



"Well I’m quite sure my parents will be relieved to have me shacked up with a proper Yankee. The question, rather, is how terrified your parents will be to have their bronzed boy tied to a witch. How do you think they’ll manage?"


"…Hopefully my reputation doesn’t include the numerous stupid things I’ve done to keep people safe."

"Steve, doing stupid things and having good outcomes isn’t exactly a curse. Most people, including myself, would kill to have that privilege."

justamaninthebluebox says: ☹ My muse is visiting your muse on their death bed OR (( because that's rather sad )) ✙ our muses shopping together (( for dem cute domestic feels <3 <3 ))



"No, no. I realize you go blundering around in your toothpick suits and trainers in the rest of the galaxy, but if you’re going to attend a party at my house, I insist on buying you a proper dinner jacket. Maybe even a nice tie if I can cajole you."

   ”I suppose if need be,  could always bring up black holes and talk their ears off. That is one of my strengths, I am quite good at rambling.” He purred, all the more elated to hear the mirth in Khan’s voice. He loved Kahn’s laughter, the deep, rich tones that seemed to flow from somewhere deep in his through when he really was enjoying himself. It was intoxicating. His own grin was a clear give away at his enjoyment at the other’s amusement.   “Right, so, is this a small shin dig, or is it a bit of an event? How much time have we got to get the shopping done before we need to be back?” With one smooth gesture, he looped one of his arms around the augments, a comforting sense of calm coming from the contact, despite the somewhat worrying prospect of speaking on his personal life with strangers. “And these friends that’ll be asking questions, what are they like?”


"It’s a pretty small shindig. It’s not as if all of the colony is coming, but it’ll be a decent collection of old friends. Given that we have until later this evening to get the shopping done, which I don’t doubt will go rather quickly once we get around to it," Khan answered, smiling winningly when the Doctor linked arms with him. These were the types of small acts of affection and amicability that he adored so much. Because it wasn’t always the fire at the center of the universe with the Doctor - sometimes it was the coolth of knowing one had a very good friend in the dark places life led to. "The people that will be coming are the people that know me best, but I would vie that you don’t have to be too intimidated by that. We’ve known each other in difficult times, and they mean well for me, but we none of us are personally very close. So consider them a support system - one that you will no doubt be welcomed to have access to if you should want."

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