The future has become as muddled for them as it has for me. The lines of vision are narrowing.
Everything focuses here where we are, where they've dared not interfere before, because to interfere was to lose what they must have. But now they're desperate.
All paths lead into darkness.
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mycroftthegreat says: "Khan? Do that thing with your arse and hips, will you?"

"Only for you, love."

**So I got Ni’s commission done, played frisbee (with a group including my date for Friday), and now I’m sitting down for replies.


I’m getting ready for fall ☺️

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Benedict looking hot as usual @ the Gala Screening of ‘The Guest’ (x)




Tiger argument - by: Tambako The Jaguar

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**If I’m in and out today, it’s because I’m hoping to be done with johnwatsonmdofsass' commission today. I'm also hoping to get over halfway done with travelersinthedark's so that I can finish that this week as well. I'll be doing replies later this evening when I've been a good writer and have appeased my customers.



"I don’t suppose you have a washcloth, do you?"

"The best I’ve got is what’s left of my shirt-sleeve. Think that’ll suffice until we can both procure better?"

There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.
Kazuo Ishiguro (via kushandwizdom)

**Literally me when people use IPA symbols for fancy text:

Artistically I really don’t have a problem with people using them, but knowing phonetics, and understanding what sounds each symbol represents, I just have to crack up sometimes. The next time you find a symbol you think looks cool, take a listen to what sound it’s used to transcribe. It’ll give you a good laugh, I promise.

What is the kinkiest thing your muse wants to do to mine? Bonus points if you’re as descriptive as possible and can make them blush.

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**Oh hail yes. I got the entirety of my Adobe Design suite back. THAT MEANS I CAN DO CARTOGRAPHY AGAIN HALLELUJAH. 

Posted: 1 day ago
I enjoy everything about your blog. But. Same here

**-clings to the Ni- Thank you, dear. You’re one of a very depraved, but wonderful few.

Posted: 1 day ago

**I’m at that point again where I wish I could purge my follower count back to a number that actually reflected how many people interact with me or at least actively enjoy my blog.